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Дерево для топа

Available finish: oiled, gloss or matt Available for the following models of Mayones guitars and basses: Jabba Comodous, Elegance, Patriot, Prestige, Slogan, Victorious, Sonorious, Caledonius Regius Setius Amazakoe is used in the following regular Mayones instruments: Mayones Be Mayones Setius GTM Lizard Mayones Setius PRO Lizard Amazakoe Other names: Amazakoue, Amazoue, Shedua, Ovangkol Latin name: Guibourtia ehie Density: ca. 845 kg/m? Description: Amazakoue is a heavy or very heavy wood from Western Africa. Its colour ranges from yellow-brown to dark brown with gray or nearly black stripes, very often with figured wood patterns. Used regularly for building different musical instruments (including tops and sides of acoustic guitars). The tone is rich, with deep bass and well defined highs. Often found in bodies of electric guitars or basses. Its figured variants are used for acoustic guitar tops and headstock fronts. The presented images are for illustration purpose only. They depict the most characteristic elements of the anatomy of the described timber, such as texture and color, and draw attention to the frequent occurrence of a given genus or species of wood, such as buds and small knots (birds eye), corrugated or convoluted fibers, and discoloration caused by fungi, insects, mechanical damage, or other natural factors. These characteristics are the basis for descriptive terms such as figured, flame, quilted, curly, burl, spalted, birds eye, etc. The intensity of those features is also graded in classes, mostly from 1A (weak) to 5A (very strong).